Monday, June 4, 2007

Success? [Updated]

Clinton Hill blog reports that Zipcar has indeed finally moved into the neighborhood! Logging into my Zipcar account, I can see there are now cars available at DMK on Myrtle, but I don't see any yet at the Armory garage. Anyone else seeing them yet?

Just in case, let's keep Zipcar aware of the interest in the hood. The best way to get their attention is to send things in using this "Stay In Touch" page. We got a tip (thanks Johanna!) that if 25 people sign up there, they'll send cars into Fort Greene/Clinton Hill. It certainly can't hurt.

Update: Blaise from the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership writes to let me know they've been working with Zipcar to get some cars stationed in the area, and that there are Armory cars coming soon, hopefully soon to be followed by more cars near BAM. More here!