Friday, March 2, 2007

Bring Zip Car to Fort Greene!

Sure, we love Zipcar -- who doesn't? But we don't love having to walk to another neighborhood to find one. The point of being a Zipcar member is having access to wheels when you want them. But check out that map! The closest wheels are a brisk 15 minute walk (and once construction begins on the Atlantic Yards project, getting a Zipcar for some weekend shopping -- forget about it).

What to do?
Email Zipcar and kindly ask them to add a pod to our neighborhood:
Call Zipcar and suggest adding cars to Fort Greene: 212.691.2884 or 866.494.7227
Or, sign our petition to Zipcar to open up a pod somewhere in the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill neighborhood.
Got suggestions for a good spot for the new cars? Email us.

Let's bring Zipcar to Fort Greene!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Possible parking locations

We're trying to find good places for Zipcar in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill. Send your ideas to, and check out the growing list on the map below!